YouTube Intro + Outro Videos – Making Them For Free

Good morning all, Russ The Laptop Trucker here again with a quick tutorial for you on YouTube intro and outro videos. Just like this one :

The free cloud based tool you need to use for this is called Flixpress and is super easy to work with. So let`s head over there right now.

Flixpress YouTube Intros
Flixpress YouTube Tool

Create a free account and you will be taken to the members area.

Once you are in the members area you can select “Free Plan Templates”. This will show you all the templates you can use with no cost at all. With the free plan you get 15 templates of all different kinds to use. So far I have found these to be perfectly sufficient to my needs.

Flixpress YouTube Intro Video Tool
Flixpress YouTube Intro Video Tool

If you hover over any of the templates you can watch a preview in full. This will help you decide if that particular one suits your needs.

Select the one you want and a seperate screen will open for you to design your video. Add the required information and then create a preview. It is possible to order right away once you have designed but I would not recommend this. Under the free plan you have limited minutes of production. Creating a preview will allow you to ensure you have made no mistakes. YouTube does not tend to look kindly on sloppily produced content !!

Providing you are happy with your preview, you can go ahead and place the order. Head over to your dashboard again and in a matter of minutes your design is ready. Select the SD or HD option to download and that`s it !! A YouTube intro video produced for free in just a few minutes.

So head over to and get busy !!

If you want to see a video tutorial I have included mine below :






Thanks for taking the time to read my tech tip post today. I look forward to seeing you on the next one.

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