How To Get A Domain Name The Easy Way

Hi there, Russ here with another short but sweet (like myself ha ha) blog post for you. I hope to inspire and instruct those embarking on their journey to online success.

A domain is the first building block you should be looking to acquire in your online journey.

There are endless choices online to search for and purchase your perfect problem solver. So, where do you start ?

To Niche Or Not To Niche ?

You first need to decide what it is you are going to be doing in your online space.

Are you launching a personal brand ? If so your domain should reflect it by being as close to your name as possible. Maybe you are going to start your own cat accessorie website. You will need something focused on the niche you are looking to explore to achieve the best results.

If you can avoid hyphens then you should do but it really isn`t the end of the world. While you will loose a little SEO juice, you can gain most of it back through exclusivity in your domain choice.

Where To Buy A Domain ?

There are a multitude of places you can go to and make your purchase. You could go to a service like GoDaddy, Siteground or Hostgator. One of the easiest places i have found to use is, pictured below :

Namecheap Domain

Now the most complicated part of this process is finding a domain name that not only meets your requirements. But also is one that you can be happy with in the long term.

The Process

Start by entering a desired name for your business/enterprise in the search box. For this example, let`s say you are a dog walker called Dave just starting your business from scratch :

Namecheap Domain

Hit the search button and see what results are available for you to consider purchasing :

Namecheap Domain

Awesome !! As you can see, the most popular option for me here in Canada is a “.ca” domain. However, if the “.com” version is available you should always try to buy this over another option. This type is the most powerful one for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). So go let`s go ahead and select the “.com” domain for our website. Adding this item to your cart will throw up a whole heap of other options. These are things like hosting, WordPress management etc. I will cover these in a seperate post for you soon. Hit the Checkout button to be taken to your shopping cart :

On this screen you can select how long you would like to buy the domain for and the WHOISGUARD option selection too. WHOIS stores all domain registration information and as they are public record you can get constantly spammed. Most other providers charge extra for privacy to keep your details from prying eyes. With Namecheap it`s completely free !!

So hit that WHOISGUARD button and it will significantly reduce the spam potential.

Click “Confirm Order” and you will either be taken straight to the chekout screen or the registrant screen. If this is your first domain purchase you are legally required to supply your name address etc to register it. Fill in the appropriate details and hit “Continue”. That will take you through to the payment page :

Final Checks

As you can see we have got the desired domain we wanted for a great price. So let`s hit continue again and go pay for our order !!

Now is the time to double check that you are happy with your order. As you can see, your privacy with WHOISGUARD is free forever too!!

Pay for your order in whichever way you choose and there you have it. If you are a dog walker called Dave then this is your perfect solution ! If however you are not named Dave or a dog walker I am sure this will help too.

I have attached a link below to the video of this process on YouTube :

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to read my post today, I hope you found it of great benefit to you.

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