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Is Email Marketing Dead In The Water ??   Statistics Say Otherwise.....

Email marketing remains one of the most successful ways to attract and retain customers  with your return on investment reaching the dizzy heights of up to 4000%

An average email subscriber can expect to receive upwards of 12 emails per day and 3/4 of all teenagers still recognise and use email as a reliable form of communication.

All good and well I hear you say  "But nobody is opening my emails!!"

The solution is simple, the solution is easy, the solution is here........

Only When You Are A True Titan Will You Achieve Email Master Status

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what will you learn in your quest to become an Email Titan ??

  • Discover How To Massively Conquer Your Conversion Rates  ⚔️

  • Unearth the secrets to Reviving A Dead Email List ⚔️

  • How To Give Each Email Your Unique Mark ⚔️

  • Methods To Poleaxe Your Competition And Boost Your Profits ⚔️

  • The Secrets Of Smashing It With Other People's Email Swipes ⚔️

  • How To Battle To The Top With Our Free Included Email Swipe Files ⚔️

Write Emails That Force The Reader To Open Them

Put Yourself On The Map As A Trusted Mailer

Skyrocket Your Open Rates To Dizzying Heights

Avoid the Mistake of Sending Emails That Do Not Deliver Or Convert !!

  • Use the free tools included in the course to ensure your mail is reaching the desired destinations - no more hitting the send button and praying to the gods they are hitting the inbox.
  • Convert your subscribers into loyal warriors as they hang on your every command through your captivating correspondences - Resistance is futile, they'll be waiting in anticipation for your next email with bated breath !!
  • Learn the ancient secrets of dead list resurrection. Bring old subscribers back from the dead and reignite their interest in your offerings. 

Smash The Competitors With Your Titanic Emails!!!

Turn Your Subscribers Into Loyal Followers

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Will Stephens

Marketing Expert

"Jake and Russ do a fantastic job at teaching you the ropes of email marketing. Too many courses mention email marketing, but don't actually teach you the tricks of the trade. Email Titans should be the go-to handbook for all budding internet marketers."

Wazeem Steven

Online Marketing Consultant

"EmailTitans is amazing, a must have in 2021 to boost next level your email marketing. I mean it 100%! Recently, I was being a with an autoresponder and I couldn't figure out the deliverability was 3.14% on a recent campaign. Everything was ending up either in spam or promo bucket. After gaining the knowledge from EmailTitans for real it first mail got a 14.68% with good click rates a list of 640 people in 48 hours period an extra $400 in my pocket. I strongly advise anyone to try this hack, you won't be sorry for sure"

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