Who Am I And Who Really Cares Anyway ?

Hi all, i’m Russ and I am way too old to be broadcasting my age ha ha !! I’m originally from Blackburn, Lancashire in England but now live in Saskatchewan, Canada with my son Kieran and my super-tolerant wife, best friend and partner in crime Donna.

How Did I End Up Here ?

My family and I ended up in Canada through an employment opportunity which presented itself in 2013. As someone who has been in transport for a lot of years ( still not broadcasting my age ), I had the chance to come to Canada and drive a ridiculous length vehicle ( 130 feet approximately ). Never one to shy away from making myself look out of my depth, I jumped at the chance. The rest, as they say, is history.

What Do I Know ?

Some of you will now be looking at this page and thinking, this guy is in transport what does he know about affiliate marketing, SEO,  video marketing, digital products etc ?

Let me clear up a huge misconception before we continue. A truck driver has an inordinate amount of time to themselves once their working day is over and they have to spend the evening in some grotty truck stop or sometimes even worse locations. Now there are some who sit on their bunks, scratching their backsides, smoking cigarettes and watching TV. There are also some however who use that time productively and use it to learn.

Before I arrived in Canada I had used the time to study Business Management, Marketing and Finance. Upon arriving in Canada I decided it was time to do something different and looked at studying more about the online space and how it can be used to at least make some pocket money.

So in 2016 I began learning how to build websites, how to market a business online, how to attract people to online offers and turn them into raving fans and all this from scratch.

Have i stopped learning? Do I know everything ? The answer to both of those questions is a definitive NO !! I love learning and now that I only work part time in my job I have even more time to dedicate to my online business.

What Next ?

I would love for you to join me as I continue my journey and expand upon what I have learned so far. Along the way I’ll be reviewing products, helping those who are staring at the digital world in confusion as I was years ago and also launching my own training courses to share the knowledge I have gained along my journey.


I would personally like to thank you for reading my story and hope you will enjoy the times ahead where we all succeed.

Thanks For Listening